The DJI Phantom series drones provide high quality shots and takes 2.7K HD video. Guided by GPS, this intelligent aircraft can provide stable and smooth footage. Multiple flight modes include: "Follow Me", "Point of Interest", and "Fixed Route". With multiple batteries, we are able to record for hours.

The DJI Inspire 2 is top of the line quality. Used by filmmakers, this drone is capable of recording video in 5.2K HD. The Inspire 2 can capture video at 60 FPS, and record slow motion video at 120 FPS at 58 MPH. The 20.8 MP camera displays nothing but the most clear images. Simmilar to the Phantom series, the Inspire 2 has multiple operations.


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The Phantom 4 Professional provides multiple types of functions for multiple types of jobs. The Phantom 4 Professional can shoot top notch 4K video at 60 FPS. Professional quality pictures at 20 megapixels makes any view from the sky nothing but stunning. Whether filming a race, or photographing a house, the Phantom 4 Pro is always up for the job.

3D modeling is the next big technological advancement. We use our drones to survey the area of interest and using DroneDeploy, we can build a 3D model of the structure or surface of interest. 

Final Cut Pro X is the main editing software we use at Pure Drone Vision. Final Cut Pro X allows us to use every byte of film to produce that high quality 4K HD video. Final Cut Pro X also lets us be creative with the video we shoot. 

The DJI Osmo is a handheld device that captures stable images and video using a tripple axis system. This device is capable of taking 360 degree photographs and timelapse recordings. The Osmo can interchange between the 12 MP 4K and 16 MP 4K cameras. Long exposure as well as slow motion are all possibilities with the Osmo.

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